YouTube Awarded Top Journalism Honor: Is YouTube Setting a New Standard?

YouTube has cemented its position as video news visionaries by winning the News Innovation Award from the International Committee of Journalists Tuesday.

In accepting the award for YouTube, CEO Salar Kamangar said they are an unusual choice for the award: “We are an unusual recipient because we are not journalists, but we are news junkies.”

Some of the innovations that Kamangar cited in his speech included the face-blurring technology designed to protect people filmed in videos and live stream technology that helped ABC News broadcast the 2012 Presidential debates to more than 200 countries.

He said that YouTube has made it possible for the world to watch news unfold because the videos give “immediate and unfiltered information about what is happening on the ground.” However, since anyone can post, repost and retweet videos on YouTube, Kamangar said the site is “flooded with recycled news and information” and urged YouTube news junkies to “to provide the analysis and context that only people who have dedicated their lives to this craft can bring.”

YouTube has been at the forefront of major news events in the last few years, including the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the Japan earthquake and tsunami and the recent United States Presidential Election. Some of the events, like the Arab Spring, would have not been seen worldwide without the efforts of men and the women on the ground filming what’s happening and uploading the footage on YouTube.

Also, YouTube’s original channel efforts have specifically included news channels like CitizenTube, which focuses on citizen journalism worldwide and bringing a variety of news-oriented sources together to cover the United States Presidential Election, including Philip DeFranco, ABC News, Al Jazeera and BuzzFeed.

With another award on their belt, YouTube shouldn’t rest on its laurels for the impact they’ve had on reporting and filming the news. The future of news is on YouTube, and everybody’s watching it unfold.


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