YouTube Launches 3 New Updates To Streamline Creator’s Publishing Options

YouTube is making life for their partners easier with every new update. The video-hosting site announced earlier today that they will start rolling out three convenient upload options to help creators tailor their publishing schedules to their exact specifications. The new publishing options will allow creators to dictate how their subscribers are notified when a new video is uploaded and how fans are able to view it.

The frequency at which YouTube announces updates for partners can make it hard to understand just how any single update can help you as a creator. We’ve broken down YouTube’s three new publishing options below so you can start uploading and publishing like a pro.

Upload Videos Without Notifying Fans

At first when I read about this update, the option to not notify fans when you publish something seemed completely insane to me. Checking it out further though, I found that it is an option that could be really helpful for you and your followers. An internet audience is constantly being bombarded with new information through Twitter, YouTube and Email. The last thing you want to do is unnecessarily add to your fan’s information scrap pile. If you have an airtight publishing schedule (see RayWilliamJohnson), the last thing you want is a behind-the-scenes or teaser trailer messing with that schedule. By uploading without broadcasting to followers, you can keep fans updated only when it is important.

Upload Custom Thumbnails Immediately

This new option is strictly built for the convenience of YouTube creators. Earlier in the year, YouTube launched the ability to pick custom thumbnails straight from the upload interface. It turned out to be wildly successful with creators but forced people to wait until their videos had almost completely uploaded before choosing a thumbnail. Now, YouTube is letting creators pick their custom thumbnails right as videos begin to upload. This way, creators can pick a thumbnail immediately and focus on more important things as their videos upload.

Updated Tags Editor

YouTube’s old tags editor was less than perfect in a lot of ways. Picking up on this, YouTube has released a brand new editor with easily distinguishable tags separated by blue confining boxes (see below). The new editor is clean and streamlined to help creators have a pain-free uploading process.

As YouTube makes being a partner easier everyday, the marketplace for new creators will only grow more saturated. As a creator, make sure that you are utilizing each and every one of these new tools to help you get a foothold above your competition.

Let us know what you think of these new publishing options in the comments below.

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