YouTube Launches New Creator Playbook Focusing On ‘Channel-ization’

Like any great coach, a regularly updated playbook is necessary to beating the competition. This metaphor, of course, does not apply to YouTube or its creators due to the fact being a partner is almost the polar opposite of being a professional athlete. Confusing metaphors aside, YouTube has just released their updated Creator Playbook for online viewing and download.

YouTube is going through some pretty big changes, and this updated playbook reflects almost all of them. Key among them is what YouTube is calling the “channel-ization” of their platform. Essentially, this is YouTube’s way of pushing creators more towards the idea of fully formed YouTube channels instead of one-shot viral videos.

The Creator Playbook is all about keeping audiences engaged, from the section focusing on “Watch-Time” to the programming guide on “Tent-pole programming,” which explains:

“Why does Discovery channel have Shark Week every year? Why do scary movies get released near Halloween? Why do talk shows have relationship experts on the week before Valentine’s Day? The answer to these questions is: Tent-pole Programming.”

Note the references to television-style programming that YouTube is suggesting creators apply to their channels. It’s a brand new YouTube marketplace out there — one that encourages engagement and interaction above all.

The Creator Hub has also been updated by YouTube to include information about partner programs, creator spaces and training guides.

You can check out the updated Creator Playbook here and the new Creator Hub here.

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