YouTube Prepares Creators For New Layout Changes, Asks Everyone To Mellow Out

Big interface changes are coming to YouTube, and in a surprisingly transparent blog post, YouTube explained exactly what these updates are all about. In other words, YouTube seems to have issued a “chill the fuck out, we know what we’re doing” statement.

The post is part of a series called “YouTube Now,” which was created to ease partners’ concerns about everything from API to interface updates. This particular session of “YouTube Now” focused on the video-sharing site’s much hyped network-style layout. In the post, YouTube explains, “Every site change has a purpose. We know we’re doing it right when people subscribe to more channels and spend more time watching them.”

This is just a wild guess, but the borderline passive-aggressive post could be in response to creators’ less-than-enthusiastic response to the new layout YouTube has recently been testing out. One eloquent YouTube forum member echoed the community’s overall feelings towards the layout writing: “I think it’s totally balls and it makes me angry.” You heard it here first — “totally balls.”

Good on YouTube for taking the time to put their creators’ minds at ease, but the post does hint at a certain level of weariness on the video site’s part. YouTube goes on in great detail about the changes they have made in the past and why they made those changes. The bottom line, according to YouTube, is that everything they do is in creators’ best interests.

The post explains: “last year we tested removing a thin border from around video thumbnails. Our experiment showed it resulted in a nearly 2% increase in clicks on suggested videos. So we pushed that change to everyone.”

You can take this post in one of two ways. The first being that YouTube is just filling creators in on why changes are being made and making it known that they appreciate feedback from the community. The second much more cynical interpretation is that some insane changes are coming to YouTube — changes that everyone may not be happy about. This could just be YouTube’s way of defusing the situation before it really hits the fan.

YouTube’s changes are coming whether you are comfortable with them or not. The good news is YouTube seems more than happy to listen to feedback, so make sure your voice is heard with that “Send Feedback” link on your YouTube pages.

Let us know what you think about YouTube’s layout changes and the contents of this recent post in the comments below.

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