YouTube Sketch Group Boo Ya Pictures Talks Fighting Epic Meal Time & Shark Attacks

You are about to witness either the best or worst interview you’ve ever seen. It really depends on where you stand on questions like “Would you rather bathe with your grandparents exclusively or be sexually attracted to only birds?”

Because I’ll be honest — that question may or may not be asked in the below interview with the good dudes at Boo Ya Pictures.

As early YouTube adopters, Boo Ya Pictures have been producing original comedy sketches for close to six years. The group was recently signed to media agency The Collective, joining YouTube creators like Epic Meal Time and The Annoying Orange.



Here is the thought process for my interview with them: I could play it safe and talk about boring shit like audience engagement and SEO, or I could get down with some bestiality real talk. Of course, I picked the latter.

It makes sense, really, that if you’re talking to the same Canadian YouTube comedy group that made videos titled “Haunted Parent Sex Tape” and “It Ain’t Easy (Havin This Big A Dick),” keeping things lascivious is probably a safe bet.

So, feast your eyes on this nightmare/buffet of delights and finally discover, if they had to pick, which members of Epic Meal Time the guys at Boo Ya Pictures would fight.