YouTube’s The Slow Mo Guys Do ‘Inception’ … In Slow Motion Of Course

Very few things look bad in slow motions. Off the top of my head, the only things I would never want to see in slow motion are maybe childbirth and a Victorian era hanging, and that is a big “maybe.”

Slow motion makes everything great, and no one knows this better than YouTube’s The Slow Mo Guys. Maybe you’ve seen their work exploding water-filled condoms on their heads? Well, they’re back at it again — this time with the famous “kick” scene from “Inception,” which slow mo guy Gavin Free describes as “a great film.” You’re damn right it is Gavin.

The “kick” scene essentially involves an unfortunate subject falling backwards into a tub full of water simulating the sensation of falling. It’s probably a metaphor for your wife dying or something in the context of “Inception,” but in the hands of The Slow Mo Guys it’s purely about high frame rates and $150,000 cameras.

Check it out and love it (pretend I just said that all in slow motion).