Watch This: ‘£1 Fish’ Music Video is Shit. Utter Shit.

In the aftermath of any novelty that goes huge, scads of imitators and weirdos make variations, all eager to carve out a little cash for themselves. And you buy into it! This is how opium dens get furnished, people! You pay for some worthless piece of shit because you think it will give you some measure of satisfaction akin to the original experience. And it never does. But because you and thousands like you have bit the lure, that derivative lunatic can now go buy opium and then commit crimes.

In the case of £1 Fish (That’s “one pound” to you non-Saxonphiles), we have this old Indian gent in a suit, dancing silly with hotties. And you people have totally gone for it, to the tune of over 2 million views. Sure you didn’t have to pay to watch, but this guy is totally making money over this garbage and you’re allowing it to happen. It’s like some new iteration of the Nigerian Prince scam. Copy “Gangnam Style,” be outlandish, make a lot of money, and Jeff will have to do an article about my crappy song.

Now some of you might come to this guy’s defense and say that he’s Indian, and as such, he gets a pass because they have been doing outlandish Bollywood crap for longer than PSY has been alive. Murder has been around for thousands (if not millions) of years, and yet, that doesn’t make it right. Be part of the solution here, friends. When someone sends you a video touting that it might just be the next “Gangnam Style,” know that it isn’t and take a pass. The life you save might just be mine.



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