6 Random Acts of Kindness Videos To Slightly Restore Your Faith in Mankind

Today is a blah Monday.

It’s overcast outside, Christmas music has been on repeat for the past three weeks, and there is a heaviness in the air as we move back into our life’s routine following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School this past week. Banding together to provide comfort where we can, there is no easy cure for the heartbreak so many families will be feeling this holiday season. We can only hope that over time and with compassion we will be able to rebuild the trust we once had in our fellow man. It’s true: only a few people in this world would commit such horrific crimes, but in these dark moments it seems almost impossible to see any of the good deeds happening around us. In order to share a little hope on this gray Monday, I’ve compiled a list of YouTube videos that capture heroic acts committed by everyday people. From saving a school bus full of kids to stopping traffic to help the elderly across the street, I hope that each of these acts of kindness will help you start believing once again in each other.

Chloe’s Wedding Day


7th Grade Hero Saves Bus Driver


 Man Eating Pringles


Helping Lady Across the Street


Kid Gives Up Baseball


Military Dad Comes Home


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