9 Videos to Watch Before the Mayan-Predicted World Apocalypse

As you may have heard through the grapevine, the world is ending tonight. I mean, sure some are skeptical, but when I heard Snooki was having a baby, I began building an underground bomb shelter immediately. If that isn’t a sign the Mayans were right, I don’t know what is. With the 720 minutes that you have left on this planet, it’s time to break into the savings accounts and hit the town! Whether you plan to spend your last day taking tequila shots at your local watering hole or checking off those bucket list items you’ve been putting off — December is not the month to go skinny dipping in the ocean, just a tip from me to you — take a moment to enrich your life with our “end of the world” video picks. Now we know you don’t have a lot of time between visiting grandma and completing the power hour challenge, but below are videos that you need to watch before it’s too late! Each of us at the NMR headquarters have selected a video for your final hours, so god speed, earthlings, it’s been fun.

Nyan Cat 10 Hours HD

Drew Rueda – Graphic Designer

C’mon guys, we have some free time.

The Screaming Sheep

Jeff Klima – Staff Writer

When my grandma was in the hospital, dying of a stroke, she pulled me close and said, “Boy, if tha world ever git to lookin’ like it gon’ end, Ay’z want yuh — cough, cough — tah watch this here video of a screamin’ sheep. Watch it oft’n, boy, it’s tha only way Ay’z get tah see Je-sus. She didn’t normally talk that way, so I think the stroke was kind of tugging on her brain strings. Anyways, enjoy.

American Beauty – My Favorite Ending Scene

Benny Luo – CEO & Co-Founder

This clip speaks for itself. Name a better thing you can possibly watch before you know you’re going to perish and be another part of history.

Worst Movie Death Scene Ever

Ed Carrasco – Staff Writer

If there’s anything you should laugh at before the world ends, it’s how awful this movie scene from Turkey is. It’ll make you forget the actual pain and suffering you’ll experience later.

The Room – Roof Scene: “Oh Hi Mark”

Justen Nguyen – Staff Videographer

If the end of the world came around and I had to watch one video before it went up in flames, I’d watch this and think, “Yea … maybe we deserved this.”

Did I Just Get Rejected From McDonalds?

Alan Van – Executive Editor

Successful comedic vlogging transcending YouTube clichés – no one does it better than Qaadir Howard. Have a final laugh at the absurdity, the outrageousness, the fever served up by all the bald-headed ducks of the world, and then contemplate the red flaming sky careening down all around on your god-forsaken earth and be thankful.

Lamb Saying YEAH – Usher Style

Carly Lanning – Staff Writer

If the world is about to go up in smoke, I would like a beer in one had, a Costco hot dog in the other and to be singing along to Usher and this lamb. It’s how I always pictured it.

Spike Can Dance – Mayans, Snake Dance 2012

Eddie Coleman – Staff Videographer

As the end of times slowly approaches, a wave of panic begins to creep across the planet as the human race realizes that WE’RE COMPLETELY FUCKED. Or are we? Spike, a master of the art of dance and expert on Mayan history, details the specifics of the coming apocalypse and teaches us an ancient snake dance that could very well be the only thing that saves us all from complete and utter annihilation. If the world is still as it should be tomorrow when you wake up, you know who to thank.

David’s Pizza Commercial

Matthew Manarino – Managing Editor & Head Writer

I recommend you spend your last few hours alive much like the ancient Mayans did – eating delicious pizza. Better yet, spend your last few hours eating pizza and listening to this catchy tune about pizza. Just loop this video and soon enough, you’ll be partying with the devil.

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