Alabama Dad’s Reaction to BCS Tickets Christmas Gift From His Son Goes Viral [VIDEO]

It seemed like a typical gift-giving event for “die-hard Alabama fans” Daniel Buckhannan and his father, Don. Daniel gave his father a fedora and filmed it for YouTube. Usually, those family gift-giving moments don’t even register a blip on YouTube’s statistics, but what Don found in his fedora was even better. His son snuck in tickets to the BCS Championship Game, where Alabama is facing off against Notre Dame in Miami.

Don’s reaction is priceless, and more than 1.6 million views later, it’s probably one of the most heartwarming Christmas videos out on YouTube.

User happilea summed this viral father-son moment best in her comment to Daniel: “Years from now, you will forget all about the game and this moment will be the one that comes to your mind when thinking of your father. These reactions are priceless and rare. This is by far one of the best Christmas videos I have ever watched. Very heartwarming.”

If you’re a devoted football fan with a soft side, this is definitely a must-watch video.

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