Amazing Austrian Mice Learn How To Dunk Basketballs and Jump Hurdles [VIDEO]

One of my favorite cartoons growing was “Animaniacs,” and two of my favorite characters were Pinky and the Brain. They are an unlikely duo of mice trying to “take over the world,” but they fail spectacularly every episode mainly because of Pinky’s incompetence and Brain’s overconfidence.

Even though Pinky and the Brain failed to take over the world, it looks like these mice from Austria may have a better chance of succeeding. They are highly trained to do a lot of tasks ranging from dunking tiny basketballs to jumping hurdles. It also helps that for every accomplished task, the mice get a tasty treat afterwards.

This viral YouTube video is a compilation of very short videos posted by MouseAgility, which says in its channel description that the mice “are trained using positive reinforcement only.”

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