Bacon Candy, Mankinis & Potatoes: Reddit’s Secret Santa Event Breaks Records Again

Give it up to Reddit for creating a largely positive social internet community (save for those creepy subreddits out there) and getting the most important celebrities of the moment to get asked pretty much anything.

The Reddit community is once again reinforcing its positive image with its annual Secret Santa event, where thousands of Redditors take part in a gift-giving exchange that spans over 126 countries. The Guinness Book of World Records bestowed Reddit’s Secret Santa with the title of the “Largest Online Secret Santa Game,” and once again they have shattered world records.

So far this year, more than 58,000 Redditors gave more than $1.8 million in gifts. Reddit General Manager Erik Martin said in a press release that Secret Santa participants have doubled from last year and shows the Internet’s “positive power.”

Now what are some of the most interesting Secret Santa gifts from Redditors? Here’s a sampling below:

– One Secret Santa sent a Radio Flyer big wheeler for nacherad’s daughter.
– Redditor DanishCunt received a tin of bacon candy and a “very nice” Borat mankini.
– A Redditor who goes by the screen name thanks_for_breakfast tracked a 22-pound package all week and ended up with 22 pounds of Idaho potatoes.
– Cino237 received a vintage shaving kit from his Secret Santa with a letter welcoming him to “f-in manhood.”
– In preparation for December 21, a Secret Santa gave gfunktastic a zombie apocalypse kit, equipped with a rubber band gun, caffeine pills, Emergen-C powder, condoms, playing cards and much more.

If you’re thinking this is a brilliant idea, you can still sign up for the Secret Santa by going to You get matched with another Redditor, find out what they want by looking through their posting history and send your cool holiday gift to them.