10 Bar Scams to Win Money Off Your Friends And Enemies! [VIDEO]

I come from a short line of grifters. My dad was a full-time magician when I was growing up and could work the sleight-of-hand tricks with coins and cards, and my brother can straight deal cards to give you a royal suited flush without anyone else becoming the wiser. Hell, I have an encyclopedia of cons sitting on the back of my toilet. So when a compendium of scam bar bets comes up on YouTubefor me to review, I am more than excited to tune in.It breaks my heart a little to pass the knowledge along to you (and that videos of this sort exist); it’s a little like those awful shows that reveal all the magician’s tricks. But then I realize that I enjoy the idea of bars full of scammers and hustlers preying on the weak-minded and cash-rich. So go forth my winged monkeys and learn these tricks to scam the innocent. Fly! Fly!Besides, the scammer’s code dictates that every trick have two exits. If someone tries to con a con artist, there is always the doubly sweet reverse con. Play on, players.