Bear Witness To The Worst ‘Gangnam Style’-Inspired Video Of All Time

Over the past four months, “Gangnam Style” has inspired countless parodies, lip dubs, and bedroom dance videos. While some of them were fairly decent, the majority have been the parody equivalent of crime scene photographs. That is, they evoke violent illness once gazed upon.

It has been a rough four months. We’ve beared witness to people of all ages attempting to perform PSY’s signature dance and fail miserably. Things seemed to hit rock bottom just as the ladies from “The View” invited the South Korean sensation on and proceeded to flop and flail their way through the dance like so many fishes out of water.

As horrifying as the display seemed, internet audiences were able to breathe a sigh of relief. “At least it’s over, it can’t get worse than this,” we foolishly declared, our minds already suppressing the nightmare that is Joy Behar riding a ghost horse.

How naive we were. As the below video clearly proves, we hadn’t hit rock bottom at all. In fact, we had miles and miles to go before “Gangnam Style” really bottomed out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing displeasure, the worst “Gangnam Style”-inspired video in the history of time.


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