Brace Yourselves: The Top 10 Memes of 2012

2012 has been quite the year for the social media world. 2013 is only weeks away, and I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic looking through all of this year’s most popular memes. In the past months, I have spent many days at NMR unsuccessfully stifling my giggles over ermahgerd girl’s latest gibberish, the profanity of Big Bird and the awkward moments of Bill Clinton.

And in my months of exploration through the meme world, I have learned one thing: never allow your awkward childhood photos to see the light of the computer monitor. While I can’t erase the traumatic memories of braces, bad haircuts and a headgear, I can make certain to protect myself by burning all photographic evidence that these moments existed. While some might say it is a bit drastic, I see it as a guarantee that I won’t become the ermahgerd girl of 2013. I’ve created a scrapbook of the most memorable memes of 2012 below — cheers to another year of craziness!


The girl who made history with her contorted face and uncontrollable excitement for Goosebumps books, she has since become more popular online than Kim K’s sex tape. Coupled with a translator to understand the Ermahgerd language, users have captured their own excitement for all things from hot dogs to the Cowboys football team with the face of this lovely lady.


Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Seriously, no one looks this good exercising. While I am always red as a tomato and covered in sweat, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy finishes a marathon with a charming smile and not a hair out of place. The bastard.


Grumpy Cat

Oh Tard, here at NMR you’re the favorite. The cat that brought back sass is living the Scrooge way of life this holiday season. With the face of an old cranky man, Tard has given us the chance to let our rude flags fly.


Big Bird vs. Mitt Romney

Poor Big Bird, all he ever wanted to do was kick it on Sesame Street with the kids! After Romney told America that to solve the budget crisis he was going to cancel “Sesame Street,” a screaming Big Bird became one of the faces of the 2012 elections.


Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan

During this election season, Paul Ryan let his baby blue eyes and fit physique do the talking throughout his debates. The picture of the classic American man, Paul Ryan is coming after Ridiculously Photogenic Guy for the most handsome white man in America.


Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton

There is just no way that you cannot laugh at this photograph of Bill Clinton. While he will never shake his Lewinsky hangover, we can’t hate the man for his “I-just-got-a-toy-in-my-happy-meal” excitement for life. Sorry, Bill, but even into 2013, I don’t think you’ll ever stop being the butt of the White House’s dirty jokes.


Drunk Baby

Is there anything funnier than a drunk baby talking about hitting up a bar? Nope! A big thank you to the parents who let the internet take such joy out of their child’s awkward moment.


McKayla Is NOT Impressed

Making a name for herself from her classic “I am not impressed with you because you’re an idiot” scowl, gold medalist McKayla Maroney has since been called upon to make judgement on the photos of the world.


Overly Attached Girlfriend

With the crazy eyes and her slightly psychopathic expression, Overly Attached Girlfriend has somehow captured the hearts of relationship-savvy women everywhere. While we all have our little bouts of jealousy, scrolling through OAG’s many memes never fails to make me feel a little bit more normal against the craziness of the dating world.


Winter Is Coming

A list of 2012 memes wouldn’t be complete without a good “winter is coming” reference. So brace yourselves: another year of completely new memes is only two weeks away.


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