The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Talk to NMR About Reaching Half A Billion Views [INTERVIEW]

“Justin Beaver & Baby Gaga.”

That’s what arguably the most recognizable tandem in the history of the Internet called their competition during our interview. It is refreshing to deal with such candid commentary from public figures playing the “fame game.” Of course, to get such unvarnished opinion, it helps if the tandem in question, when you pair their ages together, aren’t even old enough to drink. Even in England.

The infamous “Charlie Bit My Finger” duo — Charlie is now 6, and Harry is almost 9 — have been busy in the five years since their hilariously candid vid first cracked the public consciousness — try half a billion views’ worth of busy. Yup, turns out that the most viral video in the history of the internet just reached the rarified air of 500,000,000 views. Not bad for 55 seconds’ worth of work. For all the times I laughed at that video in the past several years, I figure I account for at least one of those zeroes.

Turns out Harry and Charlie are keeping busy with school, life and three(!) YouTube shows: “Biting News,” “King of the Week,” and “Charlie Bites… Toys.” The new shows are all aimed at expanding their demographic, particularly amongst kids their own age — a group who could definitely benefit from the peer-review toy testing of “Charlie Bites… Toys.” The shows, which are found on the “Charlie Bit Me” YouTube channel, are the product of a joint venture between Rightster, a video production, distribution and monetization company and Viral Spiral Studios — a collaboration they call Viral Studios.

Due to the kindness of Rightster, I got to sit down with the lads to discuss their all-new antics and even a bit of the classic finger-biting. Turns out, Charlie is still pretty good at it.



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