Christmas Came Early: Rapper DMX Sings ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’

DMX is a weird dude. There is no doubting that. You might remember a few months back we covered a video of the New York rapper being utterly flummoxed at the concept of using popular search engine Google.

The video was bizarre for several reasons — the brunt of them being that it is the year 2012 and only inanimate objects don’t know how to use a computer. DMX, on the other hand, is a grown adult.

Now, Dark Man X is back at it. Radio station Power 105.1 has released unsettling footage of the rapper singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” 105.1 must have some incriminating photos of DMX, because they seem to be able to convince him to do damn near anything.

“Hey DMX, remember when you stabbed a guy on the Hard Knock Life tour? Can you sing a song about a reindeer with a can-do attitude now?”

“Hey DMX, my little niece is having a birthday party. Will you dress up as a clown and let kids punch you in the dick?”

“Hey DMX, my car broke down. Can I ride you like an angry horse back to my apartment?”

I don’t get it. DMX, you have been arrested over 13 times in 12 years — what does 105.1 have on you?

On the plus side, the nutritiously cocaine-fueled rapper does seem to have a pretty solid grasp on the lyrics of this Christmas classic.


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