Dailymotion Announces $50k Contest To Help Finance Independent Digital Films

The invention of digital video was a blessing for independent filmmakers. Now, instead of production and distribution costs reaching into the millions, independent creators can produce, shoot and distribute their films on an incredibly modest budget.

Video site Dailymotion has just launched a new program to help independent filmmakers fund their creative project with upwards of $10 thousand.

Dailymotion will be accepting submissions from their community of filmmakers through the MotionMaker program. Similar to the YouTube partner program, the MotionMaker program offers creators an exclusive partnership with distribution and revenue generating possibilities.

The MotionMaker Fund will allocate $50 thousand between 5 to 10 MotionMaker partners chosen by a panel of directors and producers. Partners can apply with any type of film project; the only stipulation is that they must be enrolled in the MotionMaker Program.

“Programs like the MotionMaker Fund allow us to provide talented independent filmmakers with the resources they need to develop their ideas from concept to execution and reality,” says Neil Gladstone, VP of Content for Dailymotion.

The winning submissions will be judged on “originality, viability, and viral potential.” The deadline for entry is January 31, 2013, so get those entries in soon.

You can learn more about the MotionMaker Fund here.

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