‘Dark Knight Rises Outtakes’ Is Funniest Video Currently On The Internet

 I am happy to present to you, the funniest thing currently on the Internet.

The user “Auralnauts” has already achieved 986,000 views for their upload of outtakes purported to be from the Dark Knight Rises. And those outtakes, if they are to be believed (which they are not), show an entirely different side of Batman nemesis, Bane. Turns out, this new one is obsessed with health and freestyling.

With a dead-on vocal impersonation and sharp scripting, these faux outtakes evoke a childlike glee and sense of the fantastical in even my cold, cold heart, so by that measure, you should pretty much shit your pants, turn blue, and die on the carpet, laughing. Yep, it gets the coveted shit-your-pants seal of approval. Now hurry up and watch this, so you can die a happy death.

Ahh, “Mortal Kombat” soundtrack is there nothing you can’t enhance?    


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