‘D&D Doings’ Commercial Goes Hillbilly Viral [VIDEO]

Sometimes in the course of highlighting a viral video, I check out some of the uploader’s other videos to get a fuller perspective of their oeuvre. Sometimes I don’t and I look like a fool. This time, I did.

Paul Baird, the scruffy long-hair in this D&D Doings Commercial is a certain type of dude. I know this type of dude, I grew up with him. Hell, I might even be him. He is that small town guy, slightly artistic, kinda lazy, uncertain in social situations because he is so incredibly uncool, but he is just sitting there thinking, “Man, I could light this world on fire if someone would only take notice.” Kind of a Napoleon Dynamite-if-Napoleon-Dynamite-recognized-he-was-uncool sort of cat.

He’s the type of guy who engineers the best of his environment and plays to that role. A sort of “Well, I have a bunch of shitty T-shirts and a rundown house — how can I make this play?” And so we get D&D Doings, a spoof of hillbilly handymen who wear shitty T-shirts and operate out of a rundown house.

The bit is funny-ish, but it doesn’t know where it’s going. You can see they’ve got a funny concept spoofing a different type of slacker, but when they begin throwing numbers out because “that’s what the TV people do” I sense impending gold, and yet it doesn’t quite manifest itself. I want better from Paul. I believe he can deliver if he’d just try harder. Christ, I probably sound like every teacher he’s ever had.



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