‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Gets A Worthy Video Game Homage [VIDEO]

With the upbeat melodic simplicity of a 1970’s Coca Cola commercial, Megasteakman’s upload of the reboot to the web song sensation “Dumb Ways to Die” is currently the YouTube homage most in need of a sequel. In fact, I can think of at least a hundred other obnoxious video game deaths that warrant mentioning.

Giving us just a taste of ways to kick the bucket in video games over the decades (hell, they even reference “Oregon Trail”) though, this ode to gaming frustration has that same catchy chorus that will keep you singing along all day. I had to look at some Tupac autopsy photos just to “cleanse my palette.” Alright, well, I was gonna look at them anyways …

So watch this video, and then go play your favorite video game. And when you die in some bullshit way, take solace in the fact that we’ve all been there before. And that there is now a song about it.

Seriously though, that Goldeneye one in particular strikes a nerve….