‘Eagle Carries Off A Baby’ is A Beautiful Fake [VIDEO]

You know what we all need to take our minds off the heartache of the Sandy Hook tragedy? How about an eagle carrying off a human baby?

Okay, so maybe that sounds like gasoline on the fire, but don’t worry — the video is a fake. It’s a good fake, but nonetheless, la mierda no es real. The video came online last night, purporting to be an actual incident in a Canadian park (eh!), and immediately went viral as people doubtlessly went for their assault rifles (ooh irony!) to hunt every eagle-with-a-taste-for-human-flesh out of the Canadian night sky. Show us aboot where the wing-ed basterds are, Aurora Borealis!

Just as quickly though, the debunkers came out in hoards, pushing their spectacles up their noses and proclaiming, “It’s CGI… I could spot it from a mile away, even while preoccupied with my Magic: The Gathering cards or my veganism and hipster tattoos.” Bunch of assholes, always gotta ruin the fun. The important thing is, the baby is safe. Even if it was never in any real danger because the video is fake, I am just glad to see the. baby. is. safe.



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