Facebook Public Vote Falls Far Short of Necessary Numbers

So I can’t decide if we blew it or Facebook set the bar too high, but sad-story-over, Facebook has rescinded the public’s ability to have a voice in their business decisions.First reported on a week ago, Facebook put forth a ballot initiative requiring 30% of their 1 billion users to vote on several matters, including whether or not the public would have a vote in future business decisions. Well, the polls just closed today, and we came up short. Way short.668,000 users scored a box on a third-party Facebook app — a record for a public Facebook vote, which more than doubled the turnout for the previous two votes. But when relegated to a fraction, that number amounts to something like .0000668% of total users. The bottom line: That weak-ass number isn’t going to be controlling anything.

Facebook was revolutionary for their endorsement of a public vote, but after poor user turnouts and the company going public, the viability of “need for a public presence” in the decision-making process waned.

John & Jane Q. Public will still get their voices heard in regards to policy changes, but now it will be via a “consideration process” in a question & answer forum. Now I know why my Facebook page doesn’t offer a “dislike” button.          

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