Legendary Redditor Artist Re-Imagines The Classics in Shitty Watercolour [GALLERY]

The age of the internet is a great time to be alive. In a single day you can witness more incredible feats of humanity than an entire person 100 years ago may have witnessed in their entire lifetime. This phenomena also includes art. From novel Redditor to internet legend, Shitty Watercolour has been blessing the commenters of Reddit with his incredibly shitty art.

Why did he choose watercolor as his medium of choice? No one man or woman really knows, but we do know that he has an incredible sense of humor. Like an internet phantom, he lurks in the deepest darkest corners of Reddit, and then, in a flash, he bestows one lucky user’s comment with visual divinity and recreates their words into a visual representation, albeit a shitty representation.

Now, Shitty_Watercolour has reached out to the upper echelons of classical antiquity and has rendered some of his favorite pieces into his own. Below is a gallery of NMR’s favorites, but if you crave more shitty works of watercolor, be sure to visit his shitty website.