Karmaloop Founder Greg Selkoe Speaks on New Media and Building an Online Business [INTERVIEW]

As a young entrepreneur myself, I’ve always loved speaking with great people who have found success working from the ground up. Especially in this era of building businesses online, I was excited when I found out that I was going to interview Greg Selkoe. Selkoe is the Founder and CEO of the multi-platformed web retailer giant Karmaloop.com. This site currently receives over 4.5 million unique visitors a month, has an email list of over 2 million people and also has a 100,000-member rep program to help drive sales and customer loyalty. Oh, and did I mention that he built all these starting from his parents’ basement in 2000? Looks like I’ve found the hip version of Bill Gates!

In this interview, we cover why his television network never got off the ground, his thoughts on building a brand through traditional media versus new media, whether he feels being transparent about his political beliefs affects his business, and the components of building a successful internet business.

When you’re done checking out the interview, be sure to tune into NMR on Monday to watch the KarmaLoop live USTREAM show Greg is talking about in my interview. We will be broadcasting it live!

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