From YouTube To Comics: ‘The Annoying Orange’ Launches His First Graphic Novel

Just in case you weren’t getting enough of “The Annoying Orange” from the anthropomorphic fruit’s YouTube channel, TV show, and iPhone game, launching December 11, the Annoying Orange will get his own comic book.

The comic book, which was penned and illustrated by veteran animation masters Scott Shaw and Mike Kazaleh, will follow everyone’s best fruit frenemy as he infiltrates the CIA, travels through time and explores the outer reaches of space.

There is a massive push towards YouTube creators building their personal brands through merchandise and cross-platform opportunities. Only a few days ago, Epic Meal Time launched a cookbook, and it is common knowledge that SMOSH and Ray William Johnson make sizable revenue from their merchandise. While these creators are making the most of their branding power, no YouTuber has excelled quite like “The Annoying Orange” creator, Dane Boedigheimer.

Taking the term “multimedia” deadly serious, Boedigheimer has launched the franchise from almost every media platform possible. Of course, “The Annoying Orange Musical” hasn’t been created yet, but here is hoping that Boedigheimer doesn’t slow down anytime soon.

You can check out some exclusive photos from the upcoming comic from publisher PaperCutz below.

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