A Look at How ‘Gangnam Style’ Became the First YouTube Video to Reach 1 Billion Views [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here is an earlier gift for you to unwrap, planet Earth. In just over six months, “Gangnam Style” has already reached one billion views. Surpassing music superstars like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, PSY has become a global YouTube sensation.

“Gangnam Style’s” ascent up the most-viewed video charts has shattered previous records set by Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and has only grown in popularity since reaching over 800 million views in November.

So, how did the South Korean pop star do it?  Thanks to our friends at ChannelMeter, the below infographic details the journey “Gangnam Style” took from its original upload in July to its billion view milestone.



Infographic by Drew Rueda

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