‘Gangnam Style’/’Call Me Maybe’ Mashup Has Possibly Satanic Undertones [VIDEO]

I’ve watched this video a couple times now, and each viewing has left me just a little more creeped out.

The haters will say that I’m just no fun or that I’m probably just tired of watching PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen parodies four months past their expiration date, but that’s not it at all. Instead, look at this “video Christmas card” by First Round Capital from the point of a dog looking up at its master.

Imagine your boss, who controls your funding, came in and said, “We’re doing this ‘Gangnam Style’/’Call Me Maybe’ mashup parody to show the world we’re all fun-lovin’ people. And that you’re happy and nobody is being brutalized by my reign.” Suddenly, if you’re not participating, you’re a problem company. And bad shit happens to “problem companies.” So now, everybody is singing and dancing their hearts out to a lame-ass idea, not because they think it’s necessarily cool, but because their boss’ boss does. Or maybe his 10-year-old autistic niece does … these aren’t people at all suddenly. They’re puppets. Happy puppets, all desperate to wish you a “Merry Gangnam Style” and a “Season’s Call Me Maybe.” Because their jobs … or worse … might just depend on it.

Clap for it now, you monster. Also, if you do, be sure to check out their equally fun, previous years’ renditions of “Les Miserables” and Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” 2 fun 2 b believed.



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