George Takei Plans ‘Fifty Shades of Takei’ Video Reading Later Tonight

Christmas is surely a time of giving, and George Takei, everyone’s favorite original “Star Trek” character on social media, has a special present for his more than 3 million Facebook fans. Want to know what it is? Sulu explains in his latest Facebook post.

He wrote: “Friends, later tonight I’m releasing a special video of me reading from a certain, shall we say, erotic novel. I’m calling it ‘Fifty Shades of Takei.’ Yes, this is a teaser. Stay tuned, and I hope you’ll share me far and wide.”

If it’s what many of us think of it is, then we’ll be hearing Takei’s distinct voice reading up on one of the most viral novels of 2012 real soon. This should have Takei fans swooning for more, so we’ll look forward to it when it goes lives tonight.

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