‘Get Low’ Viral Video Star Dan Henig Talks, Performs for NMR [EXCLUSIVE]

I rarely gush about anything other guys do, but I was quite taken with Dan Henig, he of the coffee shop folk-acoustic rendition of “Get Low.” Didn’t see it? Well, over a million other people on YouTube did, so you might want to come out from beneath that rock. Tell you what, take the Dan Henig primer and watch this interview he was gracious enough to do with NMR. In it, he gives off a good “everyguy” vibe that I think will play well with midwest values. Hell, even a godless heathen from the coast like me can dig on it a bit. I tell Dan during the interview that I think he will go far, and I mean it.

It isn’t so much Henig’s covers that do it for me though. While fun, there isn’t anything particularly new, novel or revealing about them. Turning a hip-hop song into a folk song has been done often enough that I was prepared to give the guy a hard time about it when I spoke to him. But, in researching our interview, I found he came off like a pretty good dude. If it took a folk-rap viral video filmed in a coffeehouse for me to hear about him, so be it.

To get the real deal Dan Henig experience, check out his original material, songs like “Chicago” and “Sparks.” Lucky for you, NMR just so happened to get an exclusive Dan Henig performance of “Chicago” that plays at the end of this video. The bad news is that to get to the musical performance, you have to sit through an interview chock full of my usual stammering and rocking. I assure you fine folks that Dan makes for a pleasant and earnest interviewee, so it’s more than worth it.

So sit back, get comfortable, and consider this a preview of a voice that’s gonna be coming out of your Hovercar’s (just a gut feeling that these are on the horizon) radio for decades to come.



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