‘Good Cops’ Shoot For the Big Time With Machinima’s Release of Season Two [INTERVIEW]

With so many decent web television shows to pick from nowadays, how do you decide what to whittle away your life watching? Here’s a good clue: If it’s entering its second season and just got picked up by Machinima, it’s probably worth a damn. Premiering this week on YouTube, the dangerously passionate detectives of “Good Cops” are back for round two.

No lie, the “Good Cops” survived some crazy twists and turns in their first season including such cop show staples of stakeouts, gun battles and a goddamn rookie. Hopefully, they’ve still got something left in the tank. I got to sit down with the show creators and stars for a quick interview — and by “sit down with,” I mean I sent a batch of questions to their production companies’ PR flack, waited a day or so, and received a transcript of their answers back from said PR flack (this industry is getting so damn Hollywood). Still, they were good sports for taking the time to put up with all this, and so you should be good sports by going and subscribing to their channel. But read this interview first.

For those of you who haven’t gotten to check out season 1, the whos of who I am talking to are Noel Carroll (Sledge), Clayton Cogswell (series director), Jacob Givens (Nicky), and Derek Haugen (Perkins). Its a hilarious show with sharp writing, so you’d expect the guys to give a decent interview as well. They didn’t disappoint.

NMR: Another cop parody? Where did you get the idea for “Good Cops” and why did you think it would work (you guys are releasing a second season through Machinima, so clearly you did something right)?

Jacob: We didn’t [think it would work].

Noel: We joked about these characters for two years, and any time we mentioned the idea of doing a show, people would say without pause or concern for our well being, that it was the stupidest idea we had ever come up with. But In the end we loved the characters so much that we had to give it a try.

Jacob: The idea came from our mutual love of the 80s movie detective who is a complete badass, that bleeds for the badge and probably loves his partner too much.

What sets you apart from other “web cops”? What makes you the most crazy/dangerous of the bunch?

Clayton: Most modern cop parodies are about uniformed cops. This show is really more about the action hero/detectives you see in movies like “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard.”

Derek: And this really isn’t a parody, it’s more of a love letter to those films.

Noel: Nothing says crazy or dangerous like the phrase “Love Letter,” right Derek?

Derek: [laughs]

Clayton: We pride ourselves on trying to make the show look like the feature films that inspired it. We’re not trying to make a mockumentary or a traditional web series, we’re trying to capture the style of a genre that we all really love.

Jacob: But it’s a crazy, dangerous love.

Have you been able to do “Good Cops” full time, or are you still working “joe jobs” in the interim?

Jacob: A bit of both. While we’re in production this is our job, but when we’re not we’ve still got to pay the bills in other ways.

Noel: But if we work hard and dream big …

Jacob: Or … if we dream hard and work big?

Derek: Maybe some day.

If still at those “joe jobs,” what are they?

Clayton: We do a lot of freelance stuff in the entertainment industry. Except for Noel.

Noel: I manufacture soccer goals. Check us out! at www …

Derek: Goddamn it, Noel!

Noel: [laughs]

You guys won first place for the New Media Film Festival … how did that all come about?

Jacob: Our hooker from season one, Victoria Avalon, told us about it and thankfully the people there seemed to enjoy it enough that it won the thing!

How did you get involved with Machinima?

Noel: Sneaky Zebra! They are a team of talented filmmakers with a YouTube channel, and they happened to be Machinima partners. They saw the show and loved the humor, so they passed our channel on to Machinima and the rest is history.

Can we get a taste of what happens in season 2?

Clayton: Well we learned from season 1 that full frontal dudity and overwhelming homoeroticism doesn’t sell on YouTube.

Derek: Surprising, right?

Clayton: So we added a lot of good looking girls.

Jacob: But you asked for a taste, so: a dash of action, a shot of explosions and a twist of boobies.

Tim: With a chaser of funny.

How do you sustain viewership after a roughly 10 month lag time between seasons?

Noel: To be honest, producing season one of “Good Cops” the way it really needed to be done took a lot of work and a lot of favors, and it all had to happen in our free time. So after eight episodes, we really just couldn’t do it anymore. We missed our families and couldn’t ask anymore out of our friends. So the lag was mostly due to the fact we believed, in all likelihood, that “Good Cops” was over. Fortunately, Machinima loved the show as much as we did and this past summer they asked us to keep telling this ridiculous story. So the fans of “Good Cops” really owe those guys a huge thanks.

Regarding “bad boy/good cop” Perkins,  is there anything worse than “Satan’s P*nis?”

Derek: Yes. The Rookie.


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