Google’s ‘Video Year in Review: 2012’ Stirs The Emotional Soup — That’s A Thing, Right?

2012 was a “meh” year for me, but if Google’s “Year in Review” video now up on YouTube is any indication (and why should it not be?), this was a pretty dynamic year for Planet Earth. Good work, everybody. I guess your meth labs didn’t blow up and kill your dog, Buttons. Sniff … I can still smell his fur cooking off as he clawed in desperation at the imaginary bugs crawling on him ….

From the heartwarming video clips of the Arab Spring and the London Olympics and that guy who fell from space to the tragic images of Hurricane Sandy, war and Honey Boo Boo child. Hell, even NMR’s buddy, Overly Attached Girlfriend made the list. Congrats, Laina.

Scott Chan, the video’s creator was gracious enough to offer NMR his own take on why it all matters:

“It’s kind of funny but when I think about it, these videos really could quite literally not be possible without Google. We do nearly all our research using Google tools. We would never have had the opportunity to witness powerful moments like the 6-year old boy with cerebral palsy walking to his father, were it not for YouTube. But the thing I appreciate the most about working with Google is our mutual desire to have the video really touch people in a genuine and meaningful way. And that is what has always allowed us to create something that people really look forward to every year.”

I think videos like this are great because they allow us to examine the bigger picture and realize that we are all a part of something profound and huge and awesome. For better or worse, we are living in an age where technology is blasting forward at a faster rate than ever before, and there are literally no longer set boundaries or limitations on the human spirit. Maybe it’s a tad presumptuous of me to claim this, but in a few hundred years I think the history books will list this time, the Dawn of the Internet Age and true globalization, as the most important period in existence.

Also, apparently the first person was cured of AIDS this year, so I figure it’s finally safe for me to go back to having sex with monkeys. #Yay2012



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