‘Henri Le Chat’ Hated His Christmas, Did You? [VIDEO]

Fans of Henri, the solipsistic bon vivant philosopher cat who explores life meaning via the narrative of a Francois Truffaut film, will be reliably bummed out today, because “le Chat” has once again stepped into the void.Trotting out his “5th film” (actually his sixth, not sure why “Politique” is not considered an effort), Henri is back quibbling about banality during the holiday season — here’s the thing though: this latest film is twice the length of all his previous efforts, thus implanting the Truffaut-esque sense of pacing into the series. Now it feels legitimately French New Wave.The technical skills are sharpening, and Henri’s musings are as astute as ever though; good for the creator, Will Braden, who has furthered the success of “Henri the Cat” into a book (coming out soon). Though there is a certain level of arrogance in uploading a four-minute-long cat video (Jesus, I never thought I’d have to write that sentence), the feline hasn’t lost its world-weary ennui, which should delight fans of the morose. With the length though, it is almost as if Henri has gone from parodying over-baked French New Wave cinema to actually being over-baked French New Wave Cinema. At what point does humor cross over into actual being? Find out here!

The latest film scores additional points for making callbacks to some quality lines in earlier videos, but overall, fuck my life for feeling the need to use terms like “banality,” “solipsistic” and “French New Wave” in an article about a cat. I’ve become less a parody of a bullshit critic and more an actual bullshit critic. How revolting. It is perhaps apropos that the transition should occur on this article? Il qui observe le chat devient le chat.