How Much Does It Cost To Create A Web Series? FreddieW explains [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you didn’t know by now, Freddie Wong is a smart dude. His YouTube channels Freddiew and Freddiew2 have established the 27-year-old USC grad as the godfather of VFX on YouTube. Wong also co-created the hit web series “Video Game High School,” which over the course of its nine-episode season received over 27 million views.

Now that season one of “Video Game High School” has come to an end, Wong recently uploaded a blog post to the website of VGHS’s production company, Rocket Jump. In the post, Wong details the costs of creating a web series of VGHS’s quality.

So how much did it cost to make “Video Game High School”? Wong explains, “All said and done, VGHS Season One cost $636,010.71.”

600K for nine episodes is nothing to sneeze at, but as Wong puts it, “While this amount initially seems like a lot of money, the truth is, it’s not. VGHS was a six-month project with a cast and crew of over 160 people.”

For everyone out there hoping to follow in Wong’s footsteps and launch their own web series, the good people at creative studio The Danger Brain, with the help of Rocket Jump, have put together a wonderful infographic detailing how each dollar of that $636,010.71 was spent.

If you’re planning on launching a round of funding for your next web project, definitely check out the infographic below.

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