How Much Will PSY Make This Year From ‘Gangnam Style’? [INFOGRAPHIC]

With all of “Gangnam Style’s” achievements, from topping both the iTunes and Billboard charts, to becoming the most viewed YouTube video of all time, one wonders how much PSY will cash in from his hit song. While PSY currently faces some heat regarding his “anti-American” song back in 2004, he definitely has something to smile about. The Associated Press recently released a study showing how much PSY is set to make by the end of 2012. The study shows that PSY is projected to make most of his money off of YouTube ads and iTunes downloads, which as the AP mentioned, shows the shift in where the money is starting to come in for artists in this day and age.

Our talented creative team at NMR recently made an infographic using the sources provided by the AP breaking down PSY’s projected earnings this year. Not too shabby for a YouTube viral video, eh?

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