How to Center-Align the New YouTube Layout

Everyone already knows that Google launched their new layout for YouTube. The new layout has an improved design with an all-white background and the alignment to the left side. Although the new look appears to be an improvement, you will notice there is still some unnecessary white space that is unaccounted for. There have been complaints about the fact that the alignment is off to the left side, but we’ve found a way to help correct the annoyance and centering it to look proportional. These steps only work for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. We haven’t found a solution for Internet Explorer or Safari yet, but until then here’s how to resolve the left-alignment issue for your new YouTube layout:

For Google Chrome:

  1. Open the browser, go to your Web Store and search for the extension Add-In called “TamperMonkey.” Click and install the add-in.
  2. Go to and install your user script into your browser.
  3. Reload your YouTube, and it will change your alignment from left to center.

For Firefox:

  1. Open the browser, click on the Firefox button, and go to Add-on. It should open your Add-on Manager page
  2. Search for an extension called “GreaseMonkey 1.5” and click “install.” Then, restart your browser since it requires you to do so.
  3. Go to and install your user script. Click “OK!” and reload YouTube.
Viola! Enjoy the new and improved YouTube!

Thanks to xskydevilx for finding this solution.

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