‘I Stand By My Decision, But I Also Accept That Bad Things Are Going To Happen’: RWJ In New Vlog Post

A day after writing an article on NMR blasting Maker Studios for, among other things, taking his AdSense account hostage, Ray William Johnson and his girlfriend Anna Akana posted a vlog on their Runaway Planet channel that shows a more emotional side from the reclusive YouTube star.

The roughly five-minute video goes behind the scenes of his show “=3” and covers the moments leading up to NMR’s publishing of the RWJ article that has been the talk of the YouTube community.

After Johnson and Akana “crafted the truth” for NMR, a tired-looking Johnson “broke down” and poured his heart out: “I don’t like to beef publicly. I like to entertain and make people and I never say anything maliciously but, like, these guys have pushed me too far, man.”

You can check out the full vlog post below:


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