‘I Want To Hate Myself After This Meal’: Epic Meal Time Debuts ‘Epic Chef’

“Epic Chef” is finally here. For all of those unfamiliar with the calorie-climbing, bacon-inhaling YouTube megastars, “Epic Chef” is a spin off of the Epic Meal Time YouTube channel, which chronicles the crew’s adventures in culinary chaos.

With the launch of “Epic Chef,” Epic Meal Time’s regular cooks, Josh Elkin and Ameer Atari, have been removed from culinary duties and replaced by celebrity chefs who will compete to create the most heart attack-inducing dishes conceivable.

On the set of “Epic Chef” we caught up with Epic Meal Time’s Tyler Lemco who told us that the cooking show was largely inspired by palm-moistening timed cooking shows like “Chopped.

“Epic Meal Time is truly epic, and for us to expand into the competitive cooking area is a natural fit,” said Harley Morenstein, creator of Epic Meal Time. “No idea is off the table, the meatier the better. This is about having fun. Food brings people together, even if it’s alcohol infused with bacon grease, we want viewers to eat vicariously through us.”

The first episode of “Epic Chef” pits restaurant owner and chef Ilan Hall against celebrity chef David Alvarez in a grease-filled breakfast challenge while armed with, as Morenstein puts it, “their own motherfucking case of bacon.”

You can check out episode one of “Epic Chef” below. And again, in the immortal words of Morenstein, “Motherfucker, let’s ride.”


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