Instagram Hit With Class Action Lawsuit After New Terms Of Service

When photo-sharing site Instagram released a new terms of service that suggested the company might sell user’s photos and data to advertisers, things got ugly. Almost instantly, the Facebook-owned company was flooded with angry messages and tweets calling for users to delete their accounts and boycott Instagram.

Days later, the site’s co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote a post explaining that after the negative reception the company received, Instagram would revert back to their old terms of service. The site removed any language suggesting that photos may be sold to third party advertisers, but left in their updated advertising terms a part which read:

“We may not always identify paid services, sponsored content, or commercial communications as such.”

The terms of service retraction seems to have appeased most users with the exception of one San Francisco resident who is filing a class action lawsuit against Instagram. The lawsuit claims that Instagram has breached contracts with their users.


The San Francisco resident is filing the lawsuit because, according to the law firm representing their case, users are allowed to delete their profile if they don’t agree to Instagram’s new terms of services. However, any photos that were uploaded previously will still belong to Instagram.

Both Facebook and Instagram have not released any official word on the civil suit.