Instagram Pics Showing Up Wonky On Twitter: Is Tech’s Latest ‘Feud’ Going Nuclear?

We’re still in the early stages of this online atomic bomb detonating between Twitter and Instagram, but I think we’ve just seen the eerie blue flash that occurs right before everything goes KA-BLAMMO!

As you Instagram-on-Twitter types have doubtlessly become aware (or maybe you didn’t and you’re now going to go screaming off the deep end), your Instagram photos are no longer displaying properly on the micro-blogging site. The photos appear cropped and off-center (and in most instances, there’s an annoying filter on the photos that make them look aged for some reason). That’s because Instagram just disabled their Twitter cards. Twitter cards, for those of you who aren’t highly trained media commentators like myself (cough), are a linkable embed code that you can add to your website to allow a “card” to pop up in a Twitter feed whenever your company is linked to. Basically, the tweet will expand to give a business profile of your company and some other fascinating tidbits that can make your site more likely to be accessed. It allows for a more comprehensive multimedia experience, is the takeaway from that explanation. And long story long, it’s fucking with your Instagram photos on Twitter.

This move, claims Instagram Chief Executive Kevin Systrom, has nothing to do with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, a purchase that was just finalized three months ago. According to Systrom, this move was all about driving Instagram users to view and share their photos on the Instagram site itself. “What we realized over time is we really needed to have an awesome Web presence,” Systrom said today at the LeWeb conference in Paris. If only it were that simple.

Kevin Systrom, Chief Executive of Instagram, doing his best “Young John Cusack” impression.

See, Twitter and Instagram used to be close buddies. I hate to go a “The Hills” reference here (no, I don’t — I’m such a dish machine!) but remember how Heidi and (I suddenly feel relieved that I have to look this one up … fuck, I just remembered it) Lauren (LC, if you’re a playa) used to be besties? And then Spencer came along, and now they are enemies? Spencer is Facebook (stupid Instagram, not showing off her tits in that one Playboy). Anyways, related to the acquisition or not, since Facebook has come along, the two tech companies are getting into it more and more.

Twitter initiated things by limiting third-party options on their site and making their own format more visual. Then Instagram announced that it was moving from a mobile-only application to an actual website. Now there is talk of Twitter putting out their own set of photo filters on their mobile app. And don’t forget how Twitter recently blocked Instagram from accessing their user list.

Systrom insists that Twitter and Instagram will continue to have a relationship. Technically, Palestine and Israel have a relationship too.


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