Instagram Reverts To Old Terms Of Service After Disastrous User Response

In the wake of the disastrous response users had towards Instagram’s updated terms of service, the photo-sharing site’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, is doing some serious backpedaling.

Earlier today, Systrom wrote in a blog post, “Because of the feedback we have heard from you, we are reverting this advertising section to the original version that has been in effect since we launched the service in October 2012.”

The controversial new terms of service was updated to include a section detailing Instagram’s ability to sell users’ images and metadata to third party advertisers. The update terms were met with a tremendous backlash with #BoycottInstagram becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Systrom went on to explain:

“Going forward, rather than obtain permission from you to introduce possible advertising products we have not yet developed, we are going to take the time to complete our plans, and then come back to our users and explain how we would like for our advertising business to work.”

The biggest concern for most users was Instagram’s murky plan for future advertising opportunities. Instagram users worried that the new terms of service would, as CNET aptly put it, “transform the Web site into the world’s largest stock photo agency.”

In a post released on Wednesday, Systrom tried to explain that the site had no intentions of claiming ownership of anyone’s photographs. Still, the co-founder had made no mention of revamping Instagram’s terms until today.

Hopefully, this quick turnaround will reaffirm the public’s trust in the company as well as make it clear to Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, that hazy advertising initiatives won’t go unchecked by the photo-sharing site’s diehard community.

You can check out the revised terms of service here.

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