Instagram Users Rush To Delete Accounts As #BoycottInstagram Hits Twitter

Remember that article I wrote a few minutes ago about Instagram’s new terms of service making it okay for the photo-sharing site to sell your metadata and photos to advertisers? Well, surprise surprise, people are pissed about that information.

Catching fire as only the internet can, #boycottinstagram has become a way in which disillusioned Instagram users can register their knee-jerk negative reactions. Naturally, because we are dealing with anonymous strangers over Twitter, #boycottinstagram tweets range from poignant to insane rage face madness.

Everyone from professional photographers to everyday Joes are throwing down in the Twittersphere calling for users to delete their accounts. Sure, Instagram pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes is a dick move, but let’s not forget, the internet has seen much worse.

Did we forget when the Electronic Frontier Foundation discovered that Facebook makes basically all of your information public, even if you intended it to be private? Or, when Facebook started letting government organizations and the police use Facebook to find evidence, establish crimes and reveal incriminating conversations? How about when Twitter started putting sponsored tweets in our feeds?

Understandably, we all flipped out. But, are Twitter or Facebook any less popular? Despite these breaches in privacy, etiquette and a lack of corporate decency, these sites still continue to bring in millions upon millions of users.

It is easy to get swept up in the firebombing of Instagram right now, but in reality, this is not the worst thing a social media service has ever put on people. If we are going to #boycottinstagram, maybe we should #boycottfacebook and every social media site that has used our search results and metadata to sell ads back to us. If we are going to /ragequit social media sites for dicking us over, let’s not be selective about it.

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