Internet Nonsense: Yasha Swag’s ‘Pickles’ Is The Best & Also The Worst Rap Video of All Time

Whoa, this is either the best internet joke in the world or the saddest rap video ever made. Either way … damn, I don’t even know.

Yasha Swag’s “Pickles” (three words I never wanted to type in row) is completely and hopelessly indecipherable. If this is truly a sincere attempt at a YouTube rap video then perhaps the internet has hit rock bottom.

However, if Yasha Swag is a clever internet persona then the web has hit its peak. Both choices pretty much spell gloom and/or doom for the ole interwebz — that’s how phenomenal this bit of nonsense is.

This is a real game-changer.

While “Pickles” is fantastic enough to warrant dozens of stand-alone repeat views, I recommend you visit Yasha Swag’s Facebook to supplement the splendor. There, you will find little gems of wisdom such as:


Yasha Swag, if you are one of the greatest trolls in history, I commend your commitment. Bravo.

If you are a real young man working towards a rap career — fuck it, I’m on board either way. #YashaSwagArmy


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