Jenna Marbles Lost Her Relationship Over BradtheLadLong — See If He’s Worth It [INTERVIEW]

How sweet is drama when you aren’t a part of it?The ability to just sit back and enjoy watching other people’s lives unravel is truly what separates us from the apes. That and their occasional proclivity to eat out of their own butts. No, wait … just the first thing.So Jenna Marbles ended up losing her long-time boyfriend over some mean comments she posted on a stranger’s YouTube channel. Yes, I recognize that that was not the entire reason, but damnit, it’s an interesting final straw. You can read about that whole crazy shebang here. But perhaps equally as interesting is getting to know the target of Jenna’s nasty comments, an oddball singer/dancer/free spirit type with the handle “BradtheLadLong,” and find out if he knows just what the fuck is going on. Because as far as YouTube couples go, you don’t get much bigger flameouts.

So read up and get to know Mr. Long, who was kind enough to answer some of my questions, email-style. Afterwards, check out his channel and decide for yourself if Jenna was right when she posted, “Dude you’re a fucking creep. And you can’t sing!”

Why BradtheLadLong? Was “the Lad” a nickname you had growing up, or what? And if so, how does one acquire a nickname like that (other than the fact that it rhymes with Brad)?

BradtheLadLong: most people ask how i came up with the name BradTheLadLong so it would be nice to finally explain to people the reason…seeing as people believe that long is referring to something else…BUT THAT IS NOT THE REASON! even though it may be long.
anyways, Brad Long is my real name and i just thought i am a lad so the name BradTheLadLong sounded really cool and funky!

How do you think Jenna Marbles stumbled across your channel in the first place?

I honestly dont no HOW jenna found my videos. i just remmeber i woke up one morning and checked my youtube and i saw really angry and offensive comments, and ppl replying to Jenna’s comment saying “lol” and “omfg jenna hahaha”. i clicked on the user who commented just to make sure it was actually jenna, and it was. so i no it DEFINITELY happened.

The singing thing is subjective, but why do you think she called you a creep?

I think jenna called me a creep coz she was drunk. i am not a creep i am just a boy who likes to sing dance and be cool on youtube. i couldnt care if barack obama had called me a creep, so jennas opinion doesnt bother me 🙂

What was your reaction initially (and did you even know who Jenna Marbles was)?

My reaction was like “OMG JENNA COMMENTED ON MY VIDEO, WTF, OMG, I LOVE JENNA MARBLES I EVEN FANCY HER” and i was just shocked. i didnt care what her comment was, just the fact she knew i existed was amazing!!

What were some of the worst things her fans said about you?

Some of the worst things the fans said about me was that if i killed myself nobody would care and i should be watching everywhere i go, consider this a warning.

Were you ever scared or nervous about actual physical violence from her fans?

I am not scared what her fans have to say! most of them are nice people and i get these comments ALL THE TIME! check my comments on every video and you will see this abuse. its normal for me. but haters make me famous so they can keep it coming :)) x

Have you heard back from Jenna or her ex-boyfriend “Max Nosleeves” since?

I havent heard from Jenna or Max since this inncident. which i believe is kind of rude. all i want is an apology for what she said. i get she was drunk and she might have not meant it but i just think it was pretty rude and she is in a position where people look up to her, so she has to watch what she says. As for Max, he does not need to say anything to me, he stuck up for me and i appreciate that a lot!

Has your channel benefited from all the publicity over this?

tbh my channel was still kind of popular before this but when i woke up in the morning my channel had gained an overall amount of 17,000+ views. so it kinda has a bit. a lot more people have heard of me and ive seen articles written about me everywhere. even from yahooanswers which is STRANGE!

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