Kate Winslet Blasted Over Role In Morgan Freeman-Narrated ‘War On Drugs’ YouTube Film

Kate Winslet and more than a dozen other celebrities are supporting a YouTube documentary by Virgin boss Richard Branson’s son, Sam Branson, called “Breaking the Taboo,” which focuses on the War on Drug’s impact on global society narrated by Morgan Freeman.

The 18-second teaser for the film features Winslet, Freeman, Richard Branson and other celebrities saying that they are “breaking the taboo” on the drugs debate. The teaser lists the release date for the documentary as Friday and also displays the Twitter hashtag #breakthetaboo for others to join in the discussion.

Not everyone’s happy with this documentary calling for the end on War on Drugs, however, especially Mary Brett of the British anti-dope group Cannabis Skunk Sense. She’s using Winslet as her punching bag, calling her a “silly and irresponsible” celebrity for even appearing on this trailer.

Brett said to the Daily Mail: “She’s a role model for all sorts of young people. A lot of these celebrities jump on the bandwagon to be trendy and cool. It’s this message from celebrities going to kids that drugs are ok and they’re not.”

Even though Winslet’s people has said that her part of the trailer was used without her permission and that she’s no longer an endorser of the campaign, I’m not sure why Brett is especially miffed about Winslet’s involvement. Other so-called “silly and irresponsible” people like Yoko Ono, Noam Chomsky and social media entrepreneur Sean Parker have publicly thrown their support behind “Breaking the Taboo,” and Morgan Freeman is gracing this film with his epic narrative voice. Shouldn’t they be open to criticism as well?

Check out the teaser and the trailer for “Breaking the Taboo” below, and tell us if the other celebrities supporting this documentary are “silly and irresponsible” like Winslet.



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