Kickstarter Says ‘Deal With It’ in Regards To Projects Missing Deadlines

Remember when you committed $50 to that Kickstarter dream that was an inflatable house or something far-fetched like that? And you haven’t heard back on how it’s going, much less received your “inflatable house t-shirt” for supporting the cause? Turns out you’re not alone. And what’s more interesting, Kickstarter doesn’t care. CNN Money, doing some of the fine investigative journalism that they’ve committed to over the years, has uncovered some rather unsettling news: Out of the 50 biggest big money-funded projects on Kickstarter, turns out that only 8% arrived at market on-time. The rest run from slightly tardy to completely MIA.Kickstarter co-founder, Yancy Strickler feels that Kickstarter isn’t a traditional e-commerce site, but it’s rather a crowd-funding buyer-beware donation site. “If you want a watch, you can go buy a watch. People turn to the analogs of consumer behavior, as if this is a Wal-Mart online store. Kickstarter isn’t a perfect analog to anything like that. It’s something new.”Posting a blog on the Kickstarter website, Strickler responded to CNN Money’s expose with the statement:

“Kickstarter projects are great at a lot of things, but meeting deadlines isn’t one of them. This isn’t just a Kickstarter thing. All creative projects, whether they’re on Kickstarter or not, often take longer than expected. What’s unique about Kickstarter is that everyone gets to see how things are made and exactly how long it takes to make them.”

So, apparently if that T-shirt or tote bag hasn’t come yet, don’t call the Kickstarter customer service line to complain because in reality, you just need to fuck off. “Art” does what art wants.

Anybody else feel like going to Indiegogo instead?    

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