Look out, ‘Planking’: ‘Horsemanning’ Seeks To Be Biggest Internet Trend Yet [GALLERY]

Whoever thinks up these lame-ass names for internet trends needs to have their head chopped off.

“Horsemanning” which is derived from the sans-a-skull appearance of the “Headless Horseman,” the villain of “The Legend of Ichabod Crane” is the latest thing in the “latest thing game.” Actually, I think its cooler than most of the other internet trends, which is a rarity for me. But then again, I grew up under power lines.

A well done “Horseman” photo is also a bit trickier than most of them, except maybe Owling, which is perching in odd places owl-like, or Suiciding, which consists of killing yourself after internet trolls bully you over nude pics you were harassed into posting online. Actually, neither of those things really took off, which is probably a good thing. We’ll see what kind of longevity horsemanning has though. My guess? It’s no “Tebowing.”

Apparently, horsemanning, which involves taking a photo that makes you look like you’ve just been decapitated, has some serious pre-internet roots. If the UK’s Daily Mail is to be believed, horsemanning dates back to the 1920s, where flappers would take the morbid photos in negro jazz clubs and while drinking bathtub gin. The photo trick, properly done, involves the use of two people: one for the head and one for the body. Also, one person to take the picture I guess, unless you’ve got some nifty time delay function … but why rush it? The internet will judge you harshly for a poorly done meme.


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