Maker Studios Founders Honored By Producers Guild of America As Forerunners Of Multi-Channel Networks

For years, digital entertainment has struggled to be taken seriously by Hollywood tastemakers and trendsetters. It wasn’t until recently that digital television started raising some flags in traditional entertainment circles, and that was only after web shows and YouTube creators started bringing in six-figure audiences every week.

It is an unfortunate necessity, but until Hollywood gives the proverbial “okay,” digital entertainment will always be the stepchild of film and TV.

The Producers Guild of America is casting their vote of confidence for digital entertainment by launching a Digital VIP award gala. Those chosen to receive honors, according to the PGA have taken great strides towards furthering digital entertainment as a media platform.

Among the honorees are Maker Studios founders Ben Donovan, Lisa Donovan, and Danny Zappin. The Maker founders are receiving producer awards for being forerunners among multi-channel digital networks.

Maker Studios has been the subject of some controversy lately as former Maker Studios partner Ray William Johnson wrote an article at NMR explaining his explosive separation from the studio.

Since Johnson’s article was published, the studio has suffered a possible DDOS attack rendering their website inaccessible.

The PGA award will definitely improve the studio’s appearance in Hollywood circles. Whether it will be enough to move Maker Studios back into good graces with those siding with Johnson will remain to be seen.

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