Maker Studios Partner Steve Greene Skewers Ray William Johnson In New Comedy Video

As the YouTube community collectively holds their breath (ironically or otherwise) for the other shoe to drop in the Ray William Johnson versus Maker Studios public mudslinging debacle, YouTubers are rushing to take sides — some more publicly than others.

YouTube comedian and Makers Studio partner Steve Greene recently threw his hat into the ring with the help of his puppet faux reporter, “Catt Lauer.” Greene with Catt Lauer on hand visited Maker Studios to get the inside scoop on the feud between YouTube’s most popular creator and the multi-million dollar network.

In the video, Catt Lauer explains that Ray William Johnson claimed he “never had a production staff of 12 people including a team of writers.” In the next shot, Catt Lauer visits the studio that created Johnson’s animated cartoon “Your Favorite Martian” and calls the staff “delusional” for thinking they helped Johnson create the show.

Greene as Lauer continues his digs at Johnson asking a producer from the “Your Favorite Martian” album to drag a folder labeled “YFM” into the trash, blissfully sighing as he does so.

The video concludes with Lauer visiting the studio where Johnson filmed his hit show “=3.” Again, Lauer feigns shock at the empty chairs surrounding the set claiming “There weren’t this many people working on =3.”

The video seems to focus around Johnson’s claims of not having a staff at Maker, but still does little to address the allegations about the studio not releasing his AdSense account. Obviously, because Greene films in the actual studios of Maker, the network signed off on the YouTube comedian’s rebuttal video.

Maker Studios must be hoping this video will act as a Band-Aid on their torn image, as having a popular comedian like Greene show his support may bring the network’s image back into a positive light.


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