Manny Pacquiao Immortalized in ‘Mannying’ Meme In Wake Of Epic Loss [GALLERY]

This past weekend, a particular fight went down that would go on to drop the hearts of the entire Filipino nation. Legendary Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio lost against rival boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. The Filipino icon fell after being struck with a monstrous knock out punch from Marquez in the sixth round. What resulted was a forever-lasting image of the legendary boxer face-planted on the mat. Shortly after, hordes of meme images circulated throughout social media. The new rage was “taking a Pacquiao” — the equivalent of getting put to bed.

Instagram photos posted by Justin Bieber, who is a Floyd Mayweather (a boxing rival that Pacquiao has yet to face in the ring) supporter, caused an uproar of anger from many Filipino fans. Justin Bieber responded by stating that it was his opinion, and then he went on to question whether those fans that expressed anger were true Beliebers.

Enjoy some of the best “Mannying” memes sourced from Tumblr Pacman Knockout And others while I go and “take a Pacquiao” under my desk for a short bit. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.